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Flash Firmware for NodeMCU on ESP-12 with Breakout Board

You will need firmware, NodeMCU flasher to flashing the firmware, and Esplorer GUI to test the firmeare. All the tool you can find it here.

Wiring as below use a PL2303 USB-TTL here:


esp wiring 01 esp wiring 02

Open the nodeMCU flasher, and insert the firmware path as below:

nodemcu settings 02

The setting should be also kept as default:

nodemcu settings

Click on Flash on the NodeMCU flasher, and then on the board, hold down “flash” button, and then press “RST”, now nodemcu flasher will start to burn the firmware:


Once this is done, open Esplorer to test, open the correct port with 9600 baudrate.

Send command “=node.heap()”, and click “Send”, and you can get feedback as below:


Now you can start learn the programming and design!


2 Replies to “Flash Firmware for NodeMCU on ESP-12 with Breakout Board”

  1. poulbran says:

    Your boards are so much cheaper than anyone else’s.

  2. Craig Larson says:

    The images are missing in this instruction. Could you restore them?

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