New Products 08/18

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New Products 08/18

  • We have 7 new products and 1 Products updated this week, read information below.
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New Products:

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Saleae USB Logic Analyzer 24M 8-Channel 2

Saleae USB Logic Analyzer 24M 8-Channel

A great useful tool for debugging the programming interface, such as SPI, UART, IIC, CAN, it’s quiet cheap, easy to use, but very helpful on nowadays digital signal analyzing. It can even replace many part of functions of oscilloscope which is not easy to use, See the demo video how it works.

0805 SMD LEDs Pack Kit (5 Color, 20 Each)

0805 SMD LEDs Pack Kit (5 Color, 20 Each)

The SMD LED packs, common 0805 package, five different colors here when you have different needs on your board.

Wireless Power Supply Modules Pair w 19mm Dia. Coil

Wireless Power Supply Modules Pair w/19mm Dia. Coil

You can design a wireless charger with this kit, the receiver ends get 15mm charging distance and 0.3A charging distance.

This module is based the common wireless charging ICs which are available since 2008. You can see a few available cell phone charger available in market based on this solution.

Arduino-Compatible EDArduino Micro (5V 16MHz - ATmega32u4)

Arduino-Compatible EDArduino Pro Micro (5V 16MHz – ATmega32u4)

This is the smallest arduino board we have, with latest atmega32u4 IC, which has the USB-UART communication integrated, so you don’t need extra FTDI programming tool, but just connect and burn the sketch directly via microUSB port. The pins positions make it also breadboard friendly.

You may need to read the schematic before start to use as normal arduino, there are some little changes and differences, for example, for the normal blink sketch, D13 won’t work, but you have to D17 for the LED. But the final performance is great as you expect.

10PCs DPDT Toggle Switch, 6-Pin2

10PCs DPDT Toggle Switch, 6-Pin & 2-Throw

The only one type of DPDT toggle switch we have, there are two throws, and two points. It’s hard to tell what you can do with exactly, but sometimes it will just be very necessary.

Foot print available on our github.

CP2102 USB-TTL UART Module V2

CP2102 USB-TTL UART Module V2

This is one of the best programmer we have recently, a nice designed CP2102 module, all pins are brought out, and as same as FTDI basic. You can directly program you arduino pro mini with this, but price is only one third of FTDI basic. Of course there are more things you can do with it.

10PCs Alligator to Alligator Prototyping Cables 0.5M

10PCs Alligator to Alligator Prototyping Cables 0.5M

This is a bundle of alligator cables, 10 pieces with different color. When you are facing some bare end parts or components during prototyping, it is handy to grab the ends.

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5PCs Arduino Special-Used Pin Header [Variable Pins]

5PCs Arduino Special-Used Pin Header [Variable:Pins]

We have missed 10-pin in this item before, and now it here. The 10-pin is a must thing for arduino uno, as well as 8-pin and 6-pin. 6-pin is useful for arduino pro mini. For own arduino DIY shields or boards, these items will be helpful to connect from top of the board to bottom. And there are more cases you can find out when you have this item in mind.

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  • poulbran Reply

    Nice a logic analyzer will be my next purchase from you guys.
    That saleae is looking too good to be true.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:32 am

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