Product Updates! 2013-01-10

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Product Updates! 2013-01-10

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We have eight new products added this week, read information below.

If you have any request on electronic products, please contact us by tickets, online chat or email directly (, we will evaluate it and make it available in around 1-2 weeks.

100W-20W-30W-50W High Power LED

High Power Full-White LED, w/Metal Heat-Sink Rack [Variable:100W/30W/50W/20W]

Now the high power LED family is almost all ready, different power is available, from 1W till 100W. For 1W till 5W, please read on this link, and from 20W till 100W,  please read the new link, when you try 100W, you will see how powerful it is..



High Power LED drive 2A Max 2

 High Power LED Drive DC-2A-Max, Adjustable CC&CV

This is the LED drive module, constant CC and CV output (current and voltage), adjustable output, maximum output current  is at 2A, maybe not higher enough to drive the 100W LED, but for relevant smaller LED, for example 1W-5W, it’s good enough.

You can also build an lithium battery charger with it, just spread the idea.


Keyes RGB LED module

Keyes RGB LED module

This is the pre-solder the RGB LED module, if you don’t want spend too much time to solder, or don’t have a good PCB board for it. With positioning holes, standard pins, it’s ready to use.



Flashing 5mm LED20Pcs 5mm RGB Disciplinary Flashing LEDs

An LED flashing without MCU-control necessary, fast and slow flashing in turns, it’s very popular and interesting products, people build a lot of strange things with it. But we don’t know what it can exactly, where need a flashing LED.. maybe an night-light or decoration lamp? Anyway it’s a fun-to-have and strange product. See the video in the product description how it looks exactly.


Light-Sensitive BH1750FVI Light Sensor Module

Light-Sensitive BH1750FVI Light Sensor Module (For Mobile Phone)

This is another light sensor in module version, with BH1750FVI IC, the sensitivity is nearly close to human eyes, Illumination range :0-65535 lx. Used on mobile phone to adjust the backlight of LCD screen. Read more information on the wiki page.



DS1307 Time RTC Module 1Year Lifetime

DS1307 Time RTC Module I2C 1-Year-Lifetime

One of the best product this week I think, the RTC module with chargeable battery, EEPROM data-storage and 1 year lifetime without charging. The time is no a problem anymore, no worry about the battery, lose power or lose data, this module is all handled. One module to solve all these problems.



LM2596S-ADJ DC-DC Small-Tiny Adjustable Step-Down Module

LM2596S-ADJ DC-DC Small-Tiny Adjustable Step-Down Module (3-40Vin, 1.5-35Vout)

We already have one step-down DC-DC module, now this is another one, using real LM2596-ADJ IC, but this is not the killing point on this module, the most important feature of it is the size, you can already see how compact it is from the picture, and we believe it’s the one of the smallest step-down DC-DC module on the world, maybe the only. And position holes and status LED is also included. For power details, feel free to read in product descritipion.


MQ-3 Alcohol Ethanol Gas Sensor Module

MQ-3 Alcohol Ethanol Gas Sensor Module

We are adding more pre-build MQ series sensor, since the bare sensor need a particular socket for it.

This sensor has DO and AO output, suitable for any projects requirements.

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    Homemade breathalizer beater game, haha.

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