Product Updates! 2013-02-05

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Product Updates! 2013-02-05

Please visit more at our store page for news products, address at

We have one group of products updated and a few other product updated too this week, read information below.

If you have any request on electronic products, please contact us by tickets, online chat or email directly (in**@el***********.com), we will evaluate it and make it available in around 1-2 weeks.


EDArduino UNO Arduino Compatible 02

Arduino-Compatible EDArduino family producst are more cheaper now, this family group products includes EDArduino UNO R3, EDArduino UNO, EDArduino Mega, EDArduino Nano, EDArduino Pro mini. Price were adjusted down around 2-5 USD for each product, but never worry, it’s still the same best quality!!

Please visit the EDArduino product group to see more. 




The Super white LED strips got new price $3.2 for one meter – it’s now only half of the old one, better product description will tell you how to cut, re-build it exactly, see more in the product description!





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  • poulbran Reply

    Cool DIY undercabinet lighting with the LED’s.

    September 12, 2016 at 8:37 am

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