New Products 07/30

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New Products 07/30

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New Products:

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SIM900A SIM900


This is the really cheap GSM and GPRS IC from SIM.COM, how cheap? You can get SIM900A for less 10 USD (need a account discount)!

You can directly check the product info on page here.

Breadboard Style Soldering Prototype Board

2PCs Soldering Prototype Board (Breadboard Style)

This is a special perf board have every five dot in a line vertically, which save a lot of time for you to solder them, and two power channels across in between. Great for prototyping, specially IC designs.

Dot Matrix Display Kit wMAX7219 IC, PCB

Dot Matrix Display Kit w/MAX7219 IC, PCB

A 3mm Dot matrix Display, with a MAX7219 IC as interface, so you only need to bring a few SPI pins to your MCU, this saves a lot of I/Os. Meanwhile, it also supports modules inter-connecting to each other, you can build big matrix from a lot of this modules with just one MCU control.

Works great for arduino and pcDuino! see a demo video here.

3.3V 5V Logic Level Converter

3.3V/5V Logic Level Converter

Many ICs, Modules only taks 3.3V Logic signal from you, because they are low energy designed, well this could be a big problem for us to convert the 3.3V signal to 5V or vice verse, really happens when you think about it.

This is a small breakout, take it and learn before you have the problems!

touch pad3

Touch Pad Board

A small touch pad will generate signal when you press it, instead of a press button style, you got a different one.

Arduino Screw Shield, For Wires on Terminal

Arduino Screw Shield, For Wires on Terminal

These shields will be very useful when you connects the bare end wires to your arduino, the bare end wires are loose, so you need screw it firmly. And most of motors don’t have a completed connector.

This shield won’t influence the normal pins, but just extend it. You can also see how it works in the videos here.

20PCs Stand (90 Degree, Side-Pin) TACT Push Button 6 6 8

20PCs Stand (90 Degree, Side-Pin) TACT Push Button 6*6*8

When you want the PCBs fit into a flat case, and the buttons or any other components comes out from the side by laying down on 90 degree on the PCB, instead of front side, this could be very normal, then you have to use this kind of buttons to fix this problem.

28P IC Lock Holder Socket (Slim) 2

28P IC Lock Holder Socket (Slim)

A socket with handle which big pin holes let you easily put or take out your ICs from it, when you have some projects need always replace the ICs, like a programmer,  then you will need this. This is standard slim 28P socket, and downward compatible.

Minebea Stepper Motor 3~6KGCM^2, 200 stepsrev

Stepper Motor 3~6kg/cm^2, 200 steps/rev (Minebea) [Variable:Types]

These are quite powerful and profressional Steppers can fit most of your robots or machines project needs, up to 6kg/cm^2 static holding power, 1A drive amp and smooth 1.8 degree step. It’s a time to build your CNC!

See the demo videos how it works here.

Stepper Motor Rack [VariableTypes] -3

Stepper Motor Rack [Variable:Types]

The professional motor rack that can hold our stepper motors, on the other end, you can fix it with screws into the aluminium rail. See the product description with details.

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  • poulbran Reply

    Almost all the parts for a 3D printer.
    Need a threaded rod and non-threaded, bushings, an extruder head, and plywood.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:26 am

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