New Products and Updates! June-25th

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New Products and Updates! June-25th

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New Products:

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SNES Super Nintendo Controller

The classical game controller, we don’t really know what you can do with this, but we will have the relevant development board available soon.


20PCs Dual Color (Red&Green) 3mm LEDs Com-Anode

20PCs Dual Color (Red&Green) 3mm LEDs Com-Anode

One Dual color means two kind of color, this helps you to save more space on your PCB boards, and also more functional.  In mean case, you will only need one LED to display two system status, for example the charger board, either full charged or still in charging.

NRF24L01B TW-SI24RI NRF24L01-Fully-Compatible

NRF24L01B TW-SI24RI NRF24L01-Fully-Compatible

Nrf24l01 redesigned by Taiwanese, better performance and more lower price, only around 50-60% cost of the original nrf24l01, and fully compatible, especially with arduino, these great features allow you to implement wireless more easily in your product.


EDXGPS Ublox NEO-6 GPS Module wActive Antenna, EERPOM, Battery 1

EDXGPS Ublox NEO-6 GPS Module w/Active Antenna, EERPOM, Battery

The popular Ublox Neo-6 GPS module, with permanent EEPROM storage and backup battery, allow the GPS data store in it for a while, so fornext time you can warm start it with less time needed. The active antenna also make the module have great signal strength.

Infrared Dev Kit Controller(NEC Type) and HX1838 Receiver

Infrared Dev Kit: Controller(NEC Type) and HX1838 Receiver

The infrared save you time to gather all the materials, you can get this and start to use immediately, arduino demo code are also available in our wiki.

Product updates:

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dupont male 2.54 connector

100PCs Connector Crimps Head Series

The crimps are now comes the most common 3 types, JST XH2.54, Dupont Male and Dupont Female. You can simply buy the pre-build dupont cables or JST XH2.54 cables from our store, but if you want to make customized cables, this will be very useful for you to build.

Don’t forget the cable connector clamps, also available from us or you can buy it local store maybe, this will be handy if you are going to build a lot.

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  • poulbran Reply

    No more soldering cut of resistor leads to scrap wire.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:14 am

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