New Products 09/17

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New Products 09/17

  • We have 8 new products and no products updated recently, including some really nice item like wifi module, some types of antenna, a useful screwdriver kit, etc, please see the brief description of these items below.
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Wi04 Wifi Module 5

Wi04 Wifi Module (Wifi / Ethernet / Serial UART)

This is a very well designed Wifi module, which can act as a WIFI AP, or WIFI client, and make the communication between the wifi, ethernet and UART. All the data you can send via the UART from your MCU to the internet via wifi and ethernet.

We already tested the basic functions, it’s quite easy to use, you can visit on the web browser to set up all the setting.

And there are many ways to use it, for example, you get some TCP tools on android or iphone device can send or receive data via TCP/UDP internet protocol. Or turn the module into a WIFI network hub, anything about wifi and ethernet, it can do for sure.

We will take more time to research on how to use the core module now. Please let us know if you have any questions on this.

30-In-1 Mutiple-function Screwdriver Kit

30-In-1 Mutiple-function Screwdriver Kit

We like robust, compact, and powerful mechanical tools, this kit is designed well, all the screwdriver headers fit in the concave holes of the dock, so once you close the cap, no matter how you shake it, it won’t get loose inside.

GPS Magenatic Active External Antenna 3M

GPS Magenatic Active External Antenna 3M

A standard GPS antenna with long cables, and common SMA connector. With the long cable, you can put this antenna far away at outdoor to get great signal.

GSM Magenatic External Antenan 3M 5dBi

GSM Magenatic External Antenna 3M 5dBi

A GSM antenna also with long cable and standard SMA connector, support most of the SIM IC, it is covered four bands – 900/1800/1900MHz.

IPEX(IPX) to SMA Antena Apdater 10CM

IPEX(IPX) to SMA Antenna Apdater 10CM

A IPEX to SMA antenna apdater, it is useful in a case that when you want to have the antenna directly on the IPEX port of the IC instead of designing an SMA port on your PCB.

2PCs Quad-band Cellular Duck Antenna SMA

2PCs Quad-band Cellular Duck Antenna SMA

A small compact antenna gives 2dBi signal strength to your devices, only 5 CM, and SMA connector, this will really good enough when you use it in open area that can receive good signal in air directly.

Sim Card Holder Socket 6P

5PCs SIM Card Holder Socket 6P

A very common SIM card holder, though it is not the smallest sized. With standard 6 pins of SIM, you can read more dimensional size and pin definition in the product details.

 2PCs Quad-band Cellular PCB Antenna 01

2PCs Quad-band Cellular PCB Antenna

Embed the antenna as a PCB directly onto your PCB, make your PCB design fully integrated. We don’t know too much info about this one, sorry for this, you may have to try it in your own.

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    That looks like a handy torx set

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