New Products and Updates! July-8th

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New Products and Updates! July-8th

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New Products:

Thumbnail Description
PN532 NFC RFID V1.3 dev Board Arduino-Compatible w Card

PN532 NFC/RFID V1.3 Development Board Arduino-Compatible w/Card

NFC is the further development on the RFID technology, not only read or write card, there are some more exciting function: turn it self into a card or a reader, or two NFC can read or send data to each other in near field. It’s going to be a standard feature on cell phone in future or now. This module is still keeping developing, and not perfect to support all the function, but still good enough to start to have fun with NFC.

PCduino pcDuino: 1GHz-ARM A8 CPU, 1GB-DRAM, 2GB-Flash, Better Than Raspberry PipcDuino is the ARM based development board, powerful hardware, can run a couple of mainstream OS on it, with the arduino supported GPIO, you can also do programming with it from a more high level.We have this board directly import from sparkfun, but not including any accessories or cables. Some accessoires are available from our store.
Wifi Dongle

pcDuino – WiFi Dongle

This wifi dongle enable to the wifi function for pcduino, very easy to use, plug on the USB, and you can see the available networks on the right bottom menu of desktop on ubuntu. Use the standard Ethernet connection will looks a little dumb.


Micro USB Cable 3

2PCs Colorful Micro USB Data/Power Cable

Another accessory for pcDuino, there are two micro USB ports: power port and OTG port.

These colorful USB cables are flat shape, that prevent broken during bending or twisting.

ANP mutiple USB Port Charger 2.1A

Multiple USB Port Charger Hub 2.1A

A USB charger hub is great for both lab use and home use, four ports have up to 2.1A continuous current and 2.8A peak current, which need on pcduino or raspberry PI.


HDMI to VGA Converter 2

HDMI To VGA Converter w/Audio

This module convert the HDMI signal to VGA and extra audio signal, if you are going to use pcDuino, but don’t want use the HDMI port on your TV, and prefer to use your VGA computer display, this will be must thing.

1-To-3 USB Hub wEthernet Port 5

1-To-3 USB Hub w/Ethernet Port

Like a normal computer, no matter pcDuino or Rasperry Pi, there a re a bunch of USB devices you will need, two USB ports on the board will be definitely not enough.

This is a high quality USB Spliter, and one extra Ethernet port, one power supply port available.

Product updates:

Thumbnail Description
7-Segment Display 1-digi 1

7-Segment Display [Variable:Digis/Polarity/Size] –  1Digi

We are now having 4digis and 1digi 7-segment display like this one, all anode  0.56”, get it on the board to design something more complex on the board when necessary instead of bare LEDs.


MMA7455 Module

FreeScale Triple-Axis Accelerometer Angle Module [Variable:Models] – MMA7455

Now we have three types of accelerometer from freescale now, MMA7361, MMA7455, MMA8452. Each module have its own advantage, for example MMA7361 has to read analog directly, but MMA7455 works on digital SPI and IIC interface, you can compare these features on the selection guide or freescale website directly.


CC1101 433M Wireless Module [Variable: Designs]-LUR

CC1101 LUR is with UART interface, rod antenna, which has better signal sensitivities instead of the spring coil models.  There is a MCU on the board to fulfill the data conversion.

CC1101 high output 1

CC1101 433M Wireless Module [Variable: Designs]-MSR

CC1101 MSR designs for long distance transfer, with enhanced amplification circuit design, powerful antenna, so it transmits up to 800 meters.


CC1101 433M Wireless Module [Variable: Designs]-LSS

The normal CC1101 module with original SPI interface, common spring coil antenna, very price efficient, even this module is also supported by arduino.


LD3320 ASR Non-specific Voice Recognition Control V1.1

The new LD3320 module, more compact size, get rid of the parallel interface now and only keep the SPI interface, it’s now more easy to use, one way connects to Microphone and another way connects to speaker, which support MP3 playback.

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