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New Products and Updates! May – 18

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New Products:

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DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor (AM2302)

DHT22 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor (AM2302)

A new Temperature + Humidity sensor provided by Aosong, use IIC protocol to collect data instead meansuring voltage or current in the old version. It’s a updated version of our DHT11 or AM2301, requested by customer.


Infrared(IR) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module(Adjust-Distance)

Infrared(IR) Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module(Adjust-Distance)

This module is used a lot by robotic vehicle design, placed understand the small car to detecting the line (or called track, routine), it can also used to detect the obstacles in front of the sensor to help robot re-find a new way to go.

Arduino Sensor Expansion Shield V5

 Arduino Sensor Expansion Shield V5

The classical arduino sensor expansion shield in version 5 now, each three pins to sense a sensor, again, used a lot  for robots.

2004A Char-LCD(LCM) 2004 Words-Support 5V

2004A Char-LCD(LCM) 20*4 Words-Support 5V

20 charcters per line, and four lines in total, more powerful thant 1602 LCD, and also compatible with arduino. If you think 16*2 words is not enough, well this is almost enough for a twitter. The color is in yellow-green now.

MPU-6050 Three-Axis Acceleration & Gyroscope 6 DOF Module

MPU-6050 Three-Axis Acceleration & Gyroscope 6 DOF Module

This is a cost-efficient version with two type of functions: Acceleration and gyroscope sensing, and you get this function only in $4.2, much cheaper than most $10-30 multiple function module design. You can also get more ADXL345, ADXL335 modules in our store.

HMC5883L Three-Axis Compass Magneticfield Module

HMC5883L Three-Axis Compass Magneticfield Module

HMC5883L single function module again together, only have three degree of compass sensing, we hope this price is also good enough for you, at $4.6

Hot Glue Melt Gun 110-240V 20W For 6-7 Dia. Rod -2

Hot Glue Melt Gun 110-240V 20W For 6-7 Dia. Glue Rod

A hot glue gun used a lot in electronics, maybe only less popular than soldering iron. You can make quick prototype with it by just simply glue your PCB board in any enclosure. We will provide the glue god soon in coming week.

220V60W Internally-Heated Soldering Iron (Adjustable Temperature 220-450C) -7

220V/60W Internally-Heated Soldering Iron (Adjustable Temperature 220-450C)

This is really good item, if you don’t go professional soldering station, the really functional temperature adjustment make sure you can soldering anythings in PCB part worlds, temperature-sensitive ICs, etc. It’s the genius version from a highest quality Chinese factory.

DS1302 RTC module wCR1220 Holder and Battery

DS1302 RTC module w/CR1220 Holder and Battery

RTC module always useful, after we had the DS1307 module, we decide to add this DS1302 version too, they are pretty similar, both are low power consumption, easy to use, arduino supported. But the DS1307 get extra data storage function.

Product updates:

Thumbnail Description
20PCS USB ConnectorJack[Variable] -1

20PCS USB Connector/Jack[Variable]

USB connectors have a lot of requests from our customers, so we are continuously add more types in this link, now only the most popular types are added. More types will also come in follow weeks.

DC Digi-Display Current Meter Ammeter [Range 10A 50A 100A]-5

DC Digi-Display Current Meter Ammeter [Range:10A/50A/100A]

Add 50A and 100A version in this product family, also some pictures to approve the high precision of measurement. The 50A and 100A ammeter have a very heavy shunt to separate the current.


5PCs SMD-DIP Convert Board [Variable:Package]

The Convert board update to double side, for example, will be one side 0.65mm pitch SSOP and other side 1.27mm pitch SOP. We are have SOP8, 16, 28, and TQFP package supported board in stock.


10PCs DC Female Power Jack/Connector (Size:5.5-2.1/3.5-1.1mm)

We had the new 3.5-1.1 mm version now, less popular than 5.5mm version, but not a problem, once you want to make your product size smaller and nicer, yes, that is it.


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  1. poulbran says:

    Hot glue gun and soldering station are the tools of the trade. Look up Ben heck on youtube.

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