New Products and Updates! May-03-13

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New Products and Updates! May-03-13

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We have 5 new products and 2 Product updated this week, read information below.

If you have any request on electronic products, please contact us by tickets, online chat or email directly (, we will arrange it and make it available within 1 weeks.

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Updated TFT01 Family

Now we have the full TFT01 family, including not only 2.4” and 3.2” but also 3.2”Wide, 4.3”, 5.0” and 7.0”. You can get the demo touch panel code from elecfreak, or use great UTFT arduino library to drive them!


Updated TFT01 to Arduino Convert Shield 2.0

Now these shield are 2.0 version, redesigned layout, supports more larger size of the LCDs. Also looks better.


10PCs TDK Piezo Speaker PS1240P02BT

10PCs TDK Piezo Speaker PS1240P02BT (Piezoelectronic Buzzers)

As a customer request item, this product will be difficult to get recently but maybe better later. It can generate any melody you like, so it’s not a buzzer but a speaker, with very low power request and nice performance, design and made by Japanese company TDK.


1A Lithium Battery Charger Module

This is a great lithium battery charger, max 1A current input, simply and easy way to use, only have two points for battery and one micro usb for power input. And of course looks good too!


5PCs 1.9mm 5*7 Red Dot Matrix Com-Annode

we have a lot of dot matrix products now, including whole family of 8×8 (64 LEDs) Dot Matrix Display [Variable: 1.9/3/3.7/5mm], now this is a 5*7 version, maybe you can find somewhere need it.

10PCs Micro-SD Card Slot

10PCs Micro-SD Card Slot

Micro SD and this kind of card slot are maybe the most popular data storage solution on the world, not necessary to mention it using in the cell phone, it just anywhere need to store data!


5PCs PS2 PS/2 Keyboard and mouse connector 6P

A very common, standard and useful connector, has it’s own protocol to drive all the PS2-type devices, read the protocol information here, or the arduino tutorial here.

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  • poulbran Reply

    Lithium charger lipo battery Arduino mini pro and a piezo for crappy communication and worlds cheapest swarm here I come. Refer to the MIT KILOBOT for more info on swarms.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:06 am

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