New Products and Updates! May-29

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New Products and Updates! May-29

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  • We have 5 new products and 2 Products updated this week, read information below. Follow us by email subscription (on the bottom of pages) to always get notification of our new products!
  • If you have any request on electronic products, please contact us by tickets, online chat or email directly (, we will arrange it and make it available within 1 weeks.
  • We are recently improving the product technical information of the exist products, all the information are updated on the

New Products:

Thumbnail Description

XH 2.54 Connector Pair with Cable [Varibles:Pins]

We did some projects before, it makes very handy connection between the PCBs and other electronic parts which are not located on the board, such some big buttons amounted on the wall or case, to another PCBs, etc.

You can use different models to have fool-proofing for assembly, for example, put only 2P in the 2P socket, put 3P on the 3P socket even it’s only have 2P in used.


Outer Rotor Brushless Motor [Varible Power]-1

Outer Rotor Brushless Motor [Varible:Power]

This is another type of motor – brushless, which seems used a lot of helicopter or quadrotor design. Sorry we don’t have too much information on this, please refer to the specification.

ISD1760 Recording Playback Module

ISD1760 Recording Playback Module

After the ISD1820 Playback module, this is the ISD1760 now. Some main different features are: Multiple-message supported, longer time of recording, SPI supported.

It comes a lot of idea with this module, the main point is it makes your project smarter than “LEDs” interface. Let’s make a scenario, you drive car into the parking lot with your rfid card, the parking system will tell you “Hello Electrodragon”, “your card is valid, and have 20 days available here” “welcome (good bye!)”. Sounds good?

Photoresistor Light-Sensitive Module-2

Photoresistor Light-Sensitive Module

A simple Photocell module, you can easily build it by yourself, but well, we offer a completed module with a little extra function. It can output digital TTL or analog signal. Better than design by yourself.

This module used the 5528 Photocell which is also available in our store here.


Motor Speed-Testing Hall Switch Sensor Module-2

Motor Speed-Testing Hall Switch Sensor Module

This module counts the magnet field, using a A3144 Hall sensor and a signal amplification IC LM393. Could be useful for testing motor speed on robot design as encoder.

Product updates:

Thumbnail Description
Relay Module, wStatus LEDs (Variable Number of Channels)

Relay Module, w/Status LEDs, 5V-Controlled (Variable: Number of Channels)

This is a series relay module, almost same design except different channels. Use the high quality relay, LED status indicator. Better than use different designs.

Membrane Switch Keypad VariableTypes 02

Membrane Switch Keypad [Variable:Types]

The membrane switch is much better than the mechanical keypad board, it’s flexible, lightweight, stick-able, and great small size.

We are not only updated the models but also the demo code, in the past we found a problem that one row of the button is not fully working, this is the pin conflict with arduino Pin1, please refer to the demo code details.

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  • poulbran Reply

    Now you almost have all the parts for a quad.
    Esc is all you would have to add to the shop.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:11 am

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