New Product 10/23

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New Product 10/23


  • Recently the Hongkong post international shipment is on a big delay, which takes extra 10-20 days to arrive. So we are using Swiss post, Singapore post and some other shipping service to handle this, but it still certain on many parcels. Please try to use our optimized shipping solutions recently to get your parcel if you need it in a hurry.

New Products:

  • We have 10 new products and 1 products updated recently, including some really nice item like the AVR arduino programming shield, ST Link V2 Programmer, SPI interface 2.2” LCD, etc, please see the brief description of these items below.
Thumbnail Description
FM Radio Module, 64-108Mhz, Without MCU

FM Radio Module 1310, 64-108Mhz, W/o MCU

This is another FM radio module, it is a little expensive than normal one, but you don’t need any extra MCU to control it, so this saves extra money. For tuning functions, connecting the IOs with buttons to either VCC or GND, then you can easily do it.

10PCs 2.54mm 90-Degree Break Away Pin Header

10PCs 2.54mm 90-Degree Break Away Pin Header

The 90-degree break away pin header is a very useful and common item in many cases when you want the cables connected from the side of the board instead of from the top.

avr programmer shield 1

AVR Programmer Arduino Shield

Arduino can act as a ISP for programming AVR ICs, and also programming bootloader or arduino sketches for AVR ICs too. So we designed this shield for most of common AVR ICs, including ATtiny series and ATmega series. With the ZIF socket, programming hundreds of ICs in half an hour is a piece of cake.

Arduino Bluetooth BT Shield (Slave) 2

EDBT Bluetooth BT Arduino Stackable Shield (Slave)

Our Bluetooth Arduino stackable shield, based on our BC04 Bluetooth module, data is connect to the arduino D3 and D4 pins, and extra prototyping pins available on the side of the board.

ST Link V2 Programmer For STM8 STM32

ST Link V2 Programmer For STM8 STM32

A must-have programmer for ST MCUs if you ware looking for a price-effective and useful one, works for both STM8 and STM32 ICs, and works with all the ST development boards that we have in our store.

ACS712 Current Sensor

ACS712 Current Sensor [Current:5A/20A]

The ACS712 current sensors that can measure the current value and export a analog value. Products comes with 5A and 20A version, both DC and AC measurements supported, you can read more in the datasheet.

EDS TFT LCD LCM SPI Interface [Variable 1.8'' 2.2''] 03

EDS TFT LCD LCM SPI Interface [Variable:1.8”/2.2”]

These are SPI interface LCDs, do not have touch panel but have SD card slot, very great display performance and you only need 4-5 controls IOs to have it work. Easy to program and support by many libraries.

 TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging Board 1A

TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging Board 1A V1

Our new version of TP4056 Lithium battery charger board, with all the IC functions available, including the over temperature protection, function is reversed not need to configured by the resistors.

SIM908 GSM GPS Dev. Board V1 04 SIM908 GSM GPS Dev. Board V1

Our new SIMCOM Sim908 Board, All the pins are lead out for your further design, and a simple switch for changing between the GPS Data and GSM AT commands to the USB UART. Very compact size 50*50 mm for further embed system use.

ULN2003 Board SMD Version (Stepper Control)

ULN2003 Board SMD Version (Stepper Control)

The ULN2003 Board with SMD design, all the functions are kept same, for the five wires steppers with XH 2.54 connectors. Same four status LEDs and power status LEDs.

Product Updates

Thumbnail Description
Joystick 3

PS2 Biaxial Joystick Module (Playstation2)

This joystick is updated with another designs, pins are more clear as X-axis, Y-axis and button push. So you can use more easily.

About Updates:

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  • andy Reply

    Hi Chao,

    I notice there aren’t any links to the products being introduced, on this page – there are only links to clearer pictures of the products.



    February 18, 2014 at 10:11 pm
  • poulbran Reply

    Nice sized stepper driver

    September 12, 2016 at 9:41 am

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