Product Updates! 2013 – 04 – 02

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Product Updates! 2013 – 04 – 02

[quote]A lot of wires are added recently, to make your professional inter connections in your project![/quote]

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We have 6 new products and new types of 1 variable products added this week, read information below.

If you have any request on electronic products, please contact us by tickets, online chat or email directly (, we will arrange it and make it available in around 1-2 weeks.

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For our programmer family, after we had the USPASP, USPISP, USBTinyISP, PL2303, etc… This is the other one in this family, specially for AVR, the most official one with debug functions, you can run real-time debug on AVR studio with this programmer now.

This product is very well designed, Aluminium case, over-current protection, compatible firmware-supported, good price, make it to be the best in all AVR programmer.


Mituyoto Wire Stripping Pliers Decrustation Pliers

Mituyoto Wire Stripping Pliers /Decrustation Pliers

We have a lot of functional modules, but except that, you will always need inter-connections between all of them, the robust connection, easy to prototyping is very important as part of your project. So we decide to add more connection tools, wires, and cables.

This is the wire stripping pliers, support 20 – 30 AWG (0.2-0.8 mm) wires, make the wire header easier. It has a high price due to the international shipping cost.


30AWG PCB Jumper Fly Wires

30AWG PCB Jumper/Fly Signal Wires(Red)

We can’t fully avoid all kinds of mistake when we are soldering the PCB, so this is the smallest diameter wires to make “air” connections on the PCB instead of the original layout design. No matter how much experience you have, you can not avoid all design mistakes or soldering mistakes, so you may need it.

SM 2P Connector with Cables 20CM 22AWG 2.54Pitch 02

5 Pairs SM 2P Connector with Cables 20CM 22AWG 2.54Pitch

To make the wire to wire connection, there are two types of connection we have, SM 2.54 and JST 2.54. One connector is male and the other is female, for example a simple case, you can solder it on the battery, to allow it easily plug in and out. You will find a lot of cases you will need these.


22AWG Black & Red Power Pair Wires 1-Meter

22AWG Black & Red Power Pair Wires 1-Meter

Black and red is always the color for power cable, and every project will need the power cables, this is relevantly stronger one, thick size, can carry up to 1A current, could be strong enough to use in domestic appliances power supply.Get the professional power cables will also make your projects looks more professional.

24AWG Wires (Cables) 10-Meter 1

24AWG Wires (Cables) 10-Meter [Variable:Colors]

Very very common wires, use in everywhere, very common diameter, 6 different colors, only $1.6 for 10 meters, really really need a lot for wiring. Prepare it before and don’t find at last you need only wires to make final connection to end the project!

50PCs Soldering Wires 24AWG [Variable Length] 02

50PCs Soldering Wires 24AWG [Variable: Length]

The pre-build wires, same as the one above, but with tin cover header, make it much easier for soldering. And we supply different length on this product!

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  • poulbran Reply

    The Wire strippers are key if you don’t want to wind up with dentures.

    September 12, 2016 at 8:57 am

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