New Products and Updates! June-12th

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New Products and Updates! June-12th

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  • We have 5 new products and 2 Products updated this week, read information below. Follow us by email subscription (on the bottom of pages) to always get notification of our new products!
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New Products:

Thumbnail Description
hot melt glue rod

5PCs Hot Melt Glue Rod Transparent 6*270mm

We have added the hot melt glue gun last week, and not this is the rod works together with the gun. The hot melt gun makes directly glue contact between your electronic PCB boards with other things like case.The bigger contact surface the better effort in theory.


ACAC Power Transformer Between 110V230V Reversable 150W 3

ACAC Power Transformer Between 110V/230V Reversable 150W

If you have some appliances using 220V power, but you only have 110V AC power, this is the transformer can help, and also works vice verse. For example, most of our soldering iron or station use 220V, not 110-220V, so this will be necessary.


AVR Atmel ISP 10 to 6 Pins Converter (For any Programmers and Arduino)

This module doesn’t really do something except two: convert the standard ISP 10 pins to 6 or vice verse, give some silk print about the ISP connector and let you make much less connecting mistakes. Furthermore  you may use it when you burning the bootloader of arduino. These functions make it useful.



AT24C256 (256Kb) EEPROM Data Module (I2C Bus)

Our EEPROM module, sometimes we don’t really need a SD card module and extra SD card, a EEPROM space could solve most of problems. AT24C256 offers 256Kb space, you can store a couple of digital books inside now.

Li-MnO2, LiFePO4 (LFP) Charger Board 1A(2A) TP5000 IC

Li-MnO2, LiFePO4 (LFP) Charger Board 1A(2A) TP5000 IC

This module should be able to charge three types of battery: Lihtium, LFP and Li-MnO2 lithium batteries, used the every common TP5000 power management IC, and able to charge up to 2A current.

Product updates:

Thumbnail Description
Mini-USB, Female, 90 Degree, 5Pins, Surface-Mounted-Device (SMD)

20PCS USB Connector/Jack[Variable]

We have the USB connectors updated again, now it’s covered 8 kinds of the most common USB connectors, mainly add more mini-usb and micro-usb connector, and one more 180 degrees USB-B.

5Kits USB Connector Kit wPlastic Case [VariableUSB Types]-Mini-USB Male 3

5Kits: USB Connector Kit w/Plastic Case [Variable:USB Types]

Except the bare USB connector you can put on your PCB, we also have the USB kit with plastic case updated too, ti’s mainly for wires, every this kit contains two pieces of plastic case and a special connector you can put in middle, the wires could solder directly on the usb connector.

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