New Products 09/18

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New Products 09/18

  • We have 8 new products and no products updated recently, including some really nice item like low soldering point solder paste, EDArduino Leonardo, STM8 dev board, etc, please see the brief description of these items below.
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EDArduino Leonardo ATMega32U4 Arduino-Compatible R3

Now this arduino has only one MCU which is atmega32u4, this chip integrates the USB function, and has a special bootloader for arduino, similar like another open source one called LUFA, so you can not only program your chip directly via the USB port instead of ISP, but also allow your chip to control any other USB devices. And you also get UART and USB communication in the same time.

AD9850 Module DDS Signal Generator V2

AD9850 Module DDS Signal Generator V2

This is another AD9850 DDS signal generator with more breadboard friendly layout and more easier to use. Also demo code are provided and tested well.

CSR USB BT 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle 02

CSR USB BT 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle

The BT 4.0 Bluetooth dongle is more powerful and fully downward supported. Its great advantages includes higher speed, longer transmission distance, dual devices support in the mean time, and of course BT 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 supported.

There are more features like wake-on-LAN, wake-on-Bluetooth to support lower energy request, you can figure out it yourself.

STM8 Minimum Development Board (STM8S003F3P6, 20P)

STM8 Minimum Development Board (STM8S003F3P6, 20P)

STM8 is a really cheap and powerful chip family, you can buy a few of them for just one dollar, but much more powerful than many AVR chips. This compact breakout can be a learning board, but also embedable into your system. Price is only at 2.2 USD.

AVR Atmega8 168 328 Min. Development Board

AVR Atmega8 168 328 Min. Development Board

Our another version AVR development board, support atmega 8 size IC, circuits only includes the minimium needs of the system, and all the pins lead out for use.

However, this one is maybe not as good as this one, which provide extra USB power, but not a ZIF socket.

Low Soldering Point Paste,138°,Syring-Type 2

Low Soldering Point Paste,138°,Syring-Type

The low soldering point paste has two great advantages, especially for prototyping.

Firstly, it will never burn any delicate chip after you soldered it, since the temperature will never reach that high point.

Secondly,  when you repeated soldering the boards, low soldering point will also make this process very efficient and handy, only need a few seconds can be done.

And furthermore, this solder paste is also pretty constant quality after a long term use, not really need to store specially, and package includes many needles and a handy pusher.

EDArduino Motor Shield R3 Arduino-Compatible

EDArduino Motor Shield R3 Arduino-Compatible

The new Arduino motor shield based on L298P chip, it not only can drive any common types of motors, servos or steppers, but also have an unique function that can measure the current in the same time. Red board and black silk make it looks very slick.

 FM Radio Module RDA5807M

FM Radio Module RDA5807M

Another type of the FM radio module, a few external parts around the IC you can even count it by figures 😀 but you can just refer to the datasheet.

This module based on a high performance chip called RDA5807M, great sound quality, and much lower price than TEA5767 (just one half or one third). Based on standard IIC protocol, you can control it easily, and based on standard 2.54 DIP pins, you can then embedded it easily without redesign it.

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    Man that paste is great so glad you are stocking it.

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