PCB Service Updated! – Get Free Stamp Holes Penalizing

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PCB Service Updated! – Get Free Stamp Holes Penalizing

There are a few penalizing methods we are using now:

  • V-cut: Make a mechanical V-cut in between the board, and later you can easily break by hand. But you get a little rough edge of the board. And you got extra cost for extra design, you can read more details in the PCB service page.
  • Tab-routing: Mill the shape by the CNC machine, you can get a un-regular shape whatever you want and fine edge.
  • Stamp holes: Finally we got a free penalizing methods from out PCB guy, it allows three different designs penalizing, simply put the stamp holes in between the board, by using the package of this kind of products (male) – the break-away pins header, or just make a line of 1.0 mm holes with minimum 2.0 space pitch, can also work.
    • There are some pros and cons of this methods,  the advantage is you get free penalizing on different! and also functional stamp holes for connection, normally we design this on the side edge of the board, and solder this one on other board as a “core board”, like the picture shown the bluetooth below. The only cons is it is not a smooth edge anyway.

Hope you like!

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  • poulbran Reply

    That saves a lot of board space too.

    September 12, 2016 at 9:01 am

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