DAPLink CMSIS-DAP Debugger, For ARM Cortex STM32, MDK


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  • WIN10 driver free, but may need install in WIN7/8
  • Support Coretxt M3, M4, A/R/M series, ARM company design, (St-link for STM32 too but designed by ST)
  • Support our NRF51822 boards, tested with our nrf51822 board in arduino IDE
  • Work well in MDK IDE, but NOT supported in IAR, please notice. Recognized as (CMSIS-DAP debugger)
  • Also support debugging in MDK IDE
  • Fast speed, slightly slower than Jlink V8
  • Include extra driver, can also use as a normal USB-TTL tool.
  • Pin definition SWDIO, SWCLK, 5V, GND. Can reset target board (not all supported), and power supply target board.
  • Mini size 50*15 mm, price effective.
  • Protected in heat sink tube.

Use guide and documents see here.

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